Manufacturer Ichigeki

Ichigeki Kyokushin Gi

Triple stitched poly cotton
₱8,960.00 incl tax

This Kyokushin uniform is the closest to the original Ichigeki uniforms made in Japan. Our Kyokushin uniforms are made of the strongest canvas fabric, 100% cotton available on a very affordable price.
Jacket: Heavy Weight 14 oz with wider cut, short sleeves, with no strings, 100% cotton, easily washable and very durable with heavier and wider lapels than regular uniforms.
Pants: Medium Weight 10 oz with a string, 100% cotton, easily washable and very durable.

The strongest fabric and stitches guarantee the long life and extreme durability of that Kyokushin uniform

  • Condition: Brand new with tags on in the original packaging.
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Style: Kyokushin Karate Uniform
  • Jacket: Heavy Weight 14 oz
  • Pants: Medium Weight 10 oz