Hikvision DS-K1T981M Face Recognition Access Control

  • Supplier article number : DS-K1T981M
  • Max. templates (1:N) : 100000
  • DeepinLearning (AI) Analyse : Face recognition
  • Recognition speed : 0.2
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • WiFi : No
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Original price was: ₱84,240.00.Current price is: ₱74,900.00.

Product Description


Iris Terminal

Iris Recognition Terminal, 8-inch bezel-less touch screen,2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens for face recognition, and 5 Mega pixel single lens for iris recognition
Max. 10,000 irises capacity, Max.100,000 faces capacity , Max.100,000 cards; Presents card on the screen to authentication((Mifare1)
Face mask detection
Two-way audio with client software, indoor station, and master station
Configuration via the web client
Supports TCP/IP,WiFi
DC 12V/3A
Supports ISAPI and ISUP5.0 protocol
Iris recognition duration < 1 s
Iris recognition distance: 40 cm to 70 cm
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate > 99%
Face Recognition Duration(1:N) ≤0.2s
Face Recognition Distance: 0.3m ~ 3m
Iris recognition is  recommended for using in indoor environment

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