Numens 463-001 Non Addressable Pull Station

463 pull stations connect to non-addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment, or to addressable fire detection control
and indicating equipment that can accept non-addressable devices.

Alarm signaling is achieved by pushing in the displacement element and pulling the operating handle downwards until it latches, providing a safe and convenient way for building occupants to manually initiate a fire alarm condition.

Resetting the pull station is achieved by inserting a key to reset the displacement element plate, causing the operating handle to return to the quiescent position. The 463 range of pull stations provide fire detection and alarm system designers with an economical product for life safety and property protection applications.

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Product Description

  • ·Pressure activated displacement element provides a safe user experience
  • ·Integral backlit “ACTIVATED” alarm indicator
  • ·Resettable with simple key operation
  • ·Suitable for indoor use
  • ·Wide operating voltage range
  • ·Compatible with 2-wire and 4-wire fire detection and alarm systems

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